Literary Moment – The Teacher Rant

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irony edited

(Irony folks, right here.)

Sometimes, you see a scene in real life that feels just a little too literary.  Here’s one.

One afternoon, I observed that my ears were a bit stopped up, and within the next two hours it manifested into a raging inner earache.  It was so painful that I had trouble sleeping and ended up staying home from work the next day.  As stated in my About page, I teach high school language arts, and I take my work very seriously.  It took a lot for me to be out that day, using one of the precious sick days I’d earned back since spending them all on maternity leave.

I usually go to the local walk-in clinic when ill, and I waited patiently to see a doctor – all the while wanting to tear my ear from my head if it meant the pain would only stop.  Eventually, I…

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